Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Home, Governor

Dear Governor Christie:

Welcome home. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Florida. I am planning a vacation in the Caribbean myself next month and am looking forward to escaping the winter for a week. I break with my cohorts in the left-wing blogosphere in that I do not begrudge you and your family a vacation. I'm a dad myself and understand the importance of keeping a promise to your kids. Having said that, I am troubled by your characteristically arrogant behavior upon your return, specifically:

Your refusal to take any responsibility for the poor response to the blizzard:
"If someone is snowed into their house, that’s not our responsibility"

Your pathological inability to tell the truth, here is just one example:
"Christie said there were no reports of storm-related deaths"

Your callous disregard for human life:
"We did not have any significant loss of life"

In case you missed it, Governor, a 59-year-old Brick Township man died of a heart attack while he was attempting to walk home after his car was stuck in the snow while he was on his way home from work. This man's death may not be of any significance to you, Governor, but a family lost a father and husband. Did you attend this man's funeral, or extend any condolences to his family?

As for the snow clean-up: An "A" for effort and a "B" for results? I don't think so. My part of the state, Washington Twp, Gloucester County, was not as hard-hit as the rest of the state, but when I went to visit my recently  widowed, 79 year old father in Lakewood, I was appalled by the horrendous conditions of I-195, the Garden State Parkway, and Route 70, as well as the local roads.

I am sorry to see that 2011 is already an Annus horribilis for you, only four days in. As tempting as  it may be, at this time I will refrain from any Schadenfreude, as you are still my Governor, whether I like it or not.

I hope you have learned something from this experience, but somehow, based on your past and current behavior, I doubt it.


Jeffrey R. Pickens
Washington Twp, NJ

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