Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heidi Redux

It was 11/17/68 all over again. I was watching the Jets/Colts playoff game last night. The Jets were ahead 14-13 and about to hand the game back to Indy by allowing Peyton Manning to work his 2:00 drill he does so well. Sure enough, with 53 seconds left, Adam Vinatieri, one of the best clutch kickers in the game, booted a 50-yarder through the uprights to put the Colts ahead 16-14. I shook my head in disgust, muttered that time-honored phrase "Same old Jets", and switched over to the History Channel, where I put myself to sleep watching shows about early alien visitors to Earth.

I woke up the next day, posted my usual post-Jets-loss photo of Rex Ryan channeling Casey Stengel, and lamented the Jets loss. Then I went to, saw they had reported that the Jets had won, and lambasted them for getting it wrong. The Star Ledger is not known for its editorial rigor (except, of course, when it publishes one of my letters to the editor), but even I was surprised that they could have gotten the story so wrong.

It was only after a comment was posted on my photo that I checked another source, the NY Times, and suddenly it occurred to me that I had pulled a "Heidi" on myself and missed the Jets pulling off another one of their now-trademark heart attack inducing comeback victories.

Of all the stupid, dumbass things I have said and done in my lifetime, this is up there near the top. Today at least.

So I had no choice but to forgo my usual "Nelson Ha Ha" photo aimed at the game loser and target the real loser, myself.

So, never again, will I walk away from a game until the clock reads 00.00. I'm really sorry, Gang Green.

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