Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Not Sure I Can Hold My Nose This Time

It seemed like a simple question to me. A question I posted on the Facebook page of the Democratic NJ State Legislature candidates for the 4th Legislative District.

Senator Fred Madden and Assemblyman Paul Moriarty are incumbents. Gabriela Mosquera is a newcomer, running for the seat formerly held by Republican Domenic DiCicco, who was redistricted out of LD-4 in April.

I have written to my state representatives numerous times on a variety of issues, both state and local. Never once have I ever received a response, not even a form letter or a robo-email, from Madden or Moriarty. Mr. DiCicco, the Republican, has personally responded to me, as has Governor Christie. I even got a phone call from a Christie staffer responding to one of my letters.

Madden and Moriarty are also among the "Christiecrats" who sold out the public unions on pension and benefit "reform" (why does that now sound like such a dirty word?).

Back to my question on the Facebook page. In response to a post boasting of Mosquera's endorsement by the Women's Political Caucus, I wrote:
"Ms. Mosquera: If elected, will you legislate in accordance with progressive Democratic principles, or will you vote in lock-step with the Sweeney/Norcross Christiecrats, like your running mates?"

Now, it's always a good idea to do a screen grab when making a comment in a political forum, just in case it gets removed. Governor Christie's Facebook page is regularly scrubbed, as are many other politicians' pages. I posted this comment on a Friday morning, checking back regularly to see if there was any response. By Saturday afternoon the comment was gone. No response. No comment. No email. No phone call. Nada. Nothing.
I don't begrudge these guys the right to scrub their Facebook page. After all, it's their page. But if they want people to vote for them, pissing me off is not a good idea.

Being a Democrat has been baked into my DNA since birth. My parents and grandparents were Democrats (although my Dad now calls himself a "libertarian", but that's a whole 'nother story). We were New Deal, New Frontier, Great Society Democrats. I could not imagine myself voting any other way.

But, considering the absolute lack of interest in any type of constituent service on the part of these two, to never once respond to a constituent's concerns, and their unsatisfactory voting records, is there any compelling reason why I should hold my nose and vote for them?
Yeah, I know, the 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of your fellow (Democrats)", but these two make it nearly impossible.

So, help me out here. On November 8th, two things I will not do is stay home or vote for a Republican. But what should I do? Do I hold my nose and vote for two individuals I have absolutely no respect for, or do I write my own name in (as I did in the Primary), or do I vote for the third party candidate?

What would you do?


artbass said...

I don't know what I'd do in your case but I'm struggling with the same issue as regards the Presidential race. I've played by the rules for a long time with the Dems and feel I have little to show for my efforts.

On a related note someone friended me on FB who knew you and I believe may be/have been running for some office. Upon accepting her invitation I was inundated with posts, all in lock step with the all Dems good, all Republicans bad concept. When I pointed out that it was ludicrous to let the Democrats completely off the hook for many of the quandaries we find ourselves in as a nation I was immediately dropped as a friend. Mind you it was my first post to her and I was polite in my wording(though I may have used the word insane). No response was given and I was gone.

I appreciate viewing your posts,

Frank Murphy

Unknown said...

Frank, yep, I hate to say it, but I'm on the fence about Obama. Like many, I burst into tears of joy when he was elected, but he has not lived up my my hopes. The problem with this state election is, do we want to punish the Christiecrats and hand Trenton over to the GOP and become Wisconsin? I don't know. Maybe that's what we need. Things will get worse before they get better. Thanks for reading my stuff and taking the time to comment.
- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I have started responding to all the Democratic fund raising pleas to fight the TEA Party crazies and big money lobbyists with "You know, it doesn't cost you any money to just vote your conscience. I don't see why we have to pay you to do it."

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I'd write myself in if I were you. You need not fear these districts going to Republicans, and you should stand on your principles and not vote for these Norcross 'droids. Make sure you talk up your decision all over the Internet and their personal pages whenever you get a chance too.

Rich Wagenblast

Unknown said...

Too late this year, but we need to move the primaries for State Legislature to September, after the budget votes. With the threat of a primary challenge looming, perhaps the incumbents will be more inclined to vote in the interests of the people. With the current system they are safely nominated by the time the budget is set and they have failed to override a single veto.