Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Super Bowl, uh, I mean, the "Big Game"

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and that means anyone who has coughed up the dough will be allowed to call it the Super Bowl. Everyone else must call it the "Big Game".

Since the Super Bowl will be broadcast on NBC this year, NBC news has the opportunity to turn the Today Show and all their other "news" shows into Super Bowl infomercials. They have already started Saturday morning with on-site reports from Tampa featuring Jenna Wolfe and Al Roker. Keith Olbermann has been broadcasting "Countdown" from Tampa all week.

MSNBC will be featuring the "Predator Bowl", a marathon Doc-Block of "To Catch a Predator". I must admit Predator is one of my favorites, and I will probably be catching a few episodes while I'm smoking my ribs and waiting for the Big Game to start.

I don't have much interest in who wins. I don't like either team, but to give credit where credit is due, I watched in reluctant amazement as the great Larry Fitzgerald tore up my beloved Eagles in the NFC Championship game. So I will be leaning toward Arizona, if only to see what Mr. Fitzgerald can do to the Steel Curtain.

I do not look forward to listening to John Madden prattle on about how great the Cowboys are, as he always does, no matter who is playing.

On the menu: baby back ribs, buffalo chicken tenders, other assorted snacks. Check my iReport page later in the day for a full report.

I am hoping the The Boss, during the half-time show, brings out the legend, Pete Seeger, to do an encore rendition of "This Land is Your Land", with ALL the lyrics, like they did at the Lincoln Memorial before the Obama inauguration.

Enjoy the game!

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