Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Pay It Forward" - Not a Bad Idea

I was in Dunkin Donuts this morning, buying my weekly two bags of whole bean coffee, that I brew every morning in my Cuisinart grinder and coffee maker.

The woman behind the counter, as she was ringing me up, told me I was entitled to a free medium coffee. I turned to the guy behind me on line, and asked him if he wanted the free coffee.

It was just a cup of coffee, and it didn't cost me anything, but the guy couldn't thank me enough, and the Dunkin Donuts people were gushing about that God will do something good for me today.

Anyway, I walked out of there feeling pretty good. So, when you get a chance to help somebody, no matter how small it may seem, do it. You'll feel pretty good.

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