Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some Reasons to Like January

As much as I hate winter and cold weather, I still like January. 

  • The end of the "Holiday Season". Hey, I like Christmas as much as anybody, but after having it shoved down my throat from mid-October on, I'm over it by December 26, and ready to stick a fork in it by January 1.
  • The NFL playoffs! 
  • New Years Day is a great day to just sit around doing nothing, or do something you like, if you're lucky enough to have the day off. Today, I watched the "Dance Moms" marathon on Lifetime and ordered a pizza.
  • The NFL playoffs! 
  • The new year gives us a sense of a clean slate, time to think of new things to do (or old things to stop doing). Don't torture yourself with New Years resolutions. Just take a mental inventory and re-group.

Did I mention the NFL playoffs? No Eagles or Jets this years, but I always enjoy the games no matter who is playing.


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