Thursday, December 23, 2010

"The Spirit of Christmas", featuring the Mabel Beaton Marionettes

CLICK HERE for an update on 2011 airing

This vintage Christmas special, featuring marionette performances of "A Visit From St Nicholas" and the story of the Nativity, has been shown in TV every year since 1950.

As a public service, Pick's Place is providing the show times for "The Spirit of Christmas":

The Mabel Beaton Marionettes perform " 'Twas The Night Before Christmas" and "The Christmas Story" 
Where: WHYY Channel 12
When: Friday, December 24  —  5:30am & 7:30pm
You can now see these vintage shows on YouTube, or DVR them, but there's no substitute for catching them in real time on regular TV (for me, at least).

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night"

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