Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22, 1963 - Where Were You?

Today is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, TX. Anyone who is old enough to remember can tell you where they were when they heard the news.

I was in the second grade at St Francis School in Ridgefield Park, NJ on 11/22/63. It was a Friday afternoon. I remember a kid coming into the classroom and handing the teacher a piece of paper. The teacher told us the President had been shot, then made us say a prayer, then sent us home. I went home and my mother was crying. What I remember the most about that day and the next three days was that time stood still for those three days.
Everything was closed. No store would dare be open, not in the Irish-Catholic town I lived in. I don't think that would happen today. Most of us went back to work the day after 9/11/2001.

When I was a kid, my friend Andy and I used to read JFK conspiracy books, and talk about one day making the pilgrimage to Dealey Plaza. Those plans came to fruition in November, 2005. Both of us (now all grown up) were in the Dallas area on business travel, and planned to meet-up on November 16th at the Sixth Floor Museum.

There was a laundry list of things to do, and we knew we would not have time to do it all, but we did most of it:
• Visit the Sixth Floor Museum – DONE!
• Inspect curbs for bullet casings – DONE!
• Lift manhole covers, search for evidence of second/third gunman – DONE!
• Check behind grassy knoll fence, search for evidence of second/third gunman – DONE!
• Re-enact limo ride from Elm St to Parkland Hospital – DONE!
• Re-enact shooting of JD Tippett and arrest of Oswald at Texas Theater – DONE!
• Re-enact shooting of Oswald by Ruby at Dallas police station - not done.
• Engage in conspiracy-theory discussions with local fanatics – DONE!
• Collect souvenir grass clippings form the Grassy Knoll – DONE!

Additional activities not on the original agenda:
• Re-create various photos from “Best Evidence”
• Visit the grave of 11/22 legend JD Tippett
• Visit the Conspiracy Museum

This historic meeting has been documented in words and photographs on the World's Greatest Website.

So, where were YOU on November 22, 1963?

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